Enjoy Wildlife Friendly Container Gardening With Our New Bee Kind Collection

As public concern escalates over global pollinator decline and gardeners seek to transform their plots into wildlife-friendly havens, our popular Bee Kind range of containers continues to draw attention to the plight of much-loved but endangered insects.


Wildlife gardening is high on the consumer agenda long before Covid-19 but the pandemic and unprecedented environmental benefits brought by lockdowns across the globe has only served to heighten interest in protecting the environment and reversing the decline in pollinators that play a pivotal role in ecosystems.


A recent BBC report revealed that bees pollinate 70 of 100 crop species that feed 90% of the world, with honey bees alone being responsible for $30billion a year worth of crops. Woodlodge’s Bee Kind range launched at a time when Friends of the Earth claimed that nearly one in 10 of Europe’s wild bee species are facing extinction while 13 species of bee have been lost since 1900 – with the conservation group warning that a world without bees would hit UK farmers with a bill of £1.8billion a year to pollinate crops, ramping up the cost of food.


The Bee Kind range features cheerful images of bees and honeycomb, butterflies and ladybirds on pots and cylinders in the line-up, all designed to highlight the role that insects that in our everyday environment, pollinating flowers, fruit and vegetables. Woodlodge proudly supports Bumblebee Conservation, the charity with a mission to increase the number and distribution of bumblebees, with the partnership appealing to consumers who are keen to garden in a manner that benefits a greater range of beneficial wildlife.


It is hoped that Bee Kind will throw the spotlight on the plight of the UK’s much-loved beneficial insects and will encourage pollinator-friendly planting, that provide essential sources of nectar and pollen.   Here are our top 10 picks to plant to ensure your garden is awash with bees and other beneficial insects:


  • Lavender - rich in nectar for all pollinating insects and loved for its fragrance.
  • Calendula - A beacon for pollinating insects with its bright yellow and orange blooms.
  • Foxglove – Spire-like flowers that are ideal for a cottage gardens and loved by insects.
  • Cosmos – Available in an array of colours, bees love these in container displays as tall centerpieces.
  • Cornflower – A beautiful wildflower in a deep blue sky colour that is a magnet for insects.
  • Wallflower – Brings bring and scent to a spring container display.
  • Sedum - Low maintenance container plant that bees and butterflies flock to in spring and summer.
  • Scabiosa – Pin cushion blooms that are attractive to pollinating insects and bring animation to your container garden.
  • Dahlia - Single, peony and collarette dahlias work best as rich nectar sources.
  • Verbena - One of the best-selling perennials with wiry stems and small purple clustered flowers that will bring bees and butterflies to your garden.


Look out for the RHS ‘Perfect for Pollinators’ tags in plant pots at the garden centre, a collection created by experts that provides a rich source of food for bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects.

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