Woodlodge and the RHS launch outdoor pot collaboration at Glee

Woodlodge and the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) have unveiled the designs for their outdoor planter partnership, presenting something fresh and exciting for garden retailers this year at Glee.

The two companies have joined forces to produce market-leading and on trend designs in garden pottery in the U.K. and the result is a range of stunning terracotta, glazed and fibre clay pots, licenced under the RHS brand that will be a must have buy for garden centres and their customers.

For the design process, Woodlodge had access to the whole range of RHS design assets, including its style guides and artwork from the RHS Lindley Collections.

New designs that enrich horticulture

The fibreclay faux lead Borders and Vintage planters join Woodlodge’s market-leading line-up of ultra-lightweight containers. Offering both elegance and portability,  the containers can help garden retailers target younger consumers who may be renting or make gardening accessible for those in retirement. The smooth lines, clean edges and strong linear pattern make these planters perfect for both classic and contemporary settings.   Available in squares, cylinders and troughs, Borders and Endure capture the imagination of the fast-expanding number of consumers with patio gardens.

The classic terracotta of Arches and Rosemoor celebrates the original long-lasting earthenware garden material.  and traditional pottery but brings them up to date with a double rim and the emblematic RHS tree logo.  These planters come in a variety of shapes and sizes that evoke an old-world charm that is full of earthy energy.

Encouraging pollinator-friendly planting is a high priority for retailers and the insect designs of Wildlife will help public awareness over pollinator decline whilst driving sales of pots for garden retailers.  The white glaze and white wash terracotta pots feature stand out illustrations of bees, butterflies and dragonflies and are attractive for effective plant area displays.  Available in a number of sizes, nectar-rich flower gardens can be planted and housed on balconies, terraces, patios and gardens throughout the foraging season.

The soft hues of Flora compliment Wildlife with their ornate botanical designs, and are inspired by sketches from the RHS Lindley Collections, the finest collection of horticultural literature and art in the world.

Injecting colour into sales areas are Wisley, Harlow, Classic and Bridge in their palettes of blue, green, grey, white and pink. The glazed containers are available in cylinders, jars and conical pots and cater for demand from retailers who are looking to grow sales of pots that and offer timeless appeal, while capturing the essence of the UK’s best loved garden charity.

The geometric pattern of Lattice brings a contemporary twist to the country’s long-established hobby and will be popular in homes where the overall design scheme is in a modern or Scandinavian style.  The glazed white, mint green and grey colour tones will work together with plants to create a beautiful piece of art that’s perfect for achieving current garden décor trends.


The new range will also be supported with its own newly designed point of sale which will feature the prestigious RHS logo making them immediately identifiable to the shopper’s eye. The RHS range will be available exclusively to garden centres and RHS shops.

The first products in the partnership are now available for pre-orders and will be distributed to retail outlets from January 2022.

Michael Wooldridge, Director of Woodlodge said: “Our company ethos is to enrich people’s lives through plants, and make the world a greener and more beautiful place.  This vision underpins all that we do and there is a strong synergy between Woodlodge’s aims and the RHS that will enable us to meet the increasing consumer demand for beautiful garden design. The RHS partnership gives garden retail a strong and trusted branded offering and will offer consumers both peace of mind and confidence when buying our range of products.”

Cathy Snow, RHS Licencing Manager also commented: “It’s important for us to work with brands and partners that have a strong resonance for gardening and we are delighted to be working in partnership with Woodlodge for the sales and distribution of our new RHS outdoor planters into the UK garden retail channel.”


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