Woodlodge Raises £70,000 for William Morris Gallery

Experience a renaissance of Victorian fashion with Woodlodge’s William Morris collection


The beautifully detailed William Morris collection has introduced Victorian chic and timeless style to the UK’s home gardens, whilst raising an impressive £70,000 for the William Morris Gallery in London.


Inspired by British textile designer William Morris (1834-1896), containers in our popular collection feature his iconic artwork – from Kelmscott swans, often found on tiles adorning Victorian fireplaces, to Willow Bough floral designs, and beautifully complement Woodlodge’s existing line-up of traditional containers.


William Morris artwork is experiencing a renaissance

Period features are the most in-demand elements of a home: from authentic fireplaces to intricately detailed cornicing, Victorian era style is back in vogue. William Morris was one of the most influential designers of the Arts and Crafts movement, and you don’t have to look far to see how his quintessentially British creations have stood the test of time.


Visit big-name high street retailers and you’ll see an array of William Morris-inspired designs – from duvet covers and pillows to towels, wallpapers, fabrics and curtains. With his timeless designs in such demand, the William Morris collection of planters extends classic Victorian interior decor to the nation’s gardens.


Add artistic flair to your container garden

Hand-finished by skilled potters, the William Morris ceramics collection has a high-quality finish and comes in earthy green, blue, grey and taupe hues, making a stunning addition to any garden.

With the planters available in a range of sizes, from 16-40cm in diameter, these timeless creations can play host to an endless variety of plants, from flowering shrubs to dwarf fruit trees and bee-loving lavenders. Morris-inspired classy ceramics will look equally at home when planted with stately topiary or filled with fresh herbs, ready for snipping and adding to dishes in the kitchen.


Some of the pots in Woodlodge’s new range feature Kelmscott Manor designs, such as Morris’s famous swan design, which remain the height of fashion to this day. Kelmscott Manor was Morris’s rural Oxfordshire retreat in the 1870s and much of the inspiration for his textiles and artwork came from the property’s architecture, craftsmanship and gardens – renowned for their roses and orchards. The celebrated designer’s timeless creations have been proudly incorporated onto Woodlodge’s new collection of elegant planters.


Help to support the arts

As well as honouring the creations of William Morris, sales of planters in the collection will help to preserve the design icon’s legacy for future generations. Every planter sold will raise funds for the William Morris Gallery in London. The Grade II* listed building, set in Lloyd Park in Walthamstow, was Morris’s family home from 1848 to 1856.  So far over £70,000 has been raised to help support events, exhibitions and educational projects and is hoped the partnership will continue to flourish into the future.


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