Maximise the potential of garden decoration with Honey & Wild’s 2023 additions

As entertaining outdoors continues to soar and people spend more money on their gardens,  the trend of extending interior décor to the garden continues to surge in popularity.  Woodlodge is delighted to add 130 new lines to its highly popular Honey & Wild collection with more innovative products to help style and add personality to outdoor areas, to be revealed at Glee (28th – 30th June).

With people coming to view their outdoor areas as an extension of their living space,  what better way to make summer last that little bit longer than create a fifth room in your garden?  Retailers can rely on Honey & Wild’s newest range additions to reflect the latest outdoor décor trends and what is shaping consumer demand in the garden and gift retail market.

Decorating with plants

Plants are the main staple of any back garden and bring the outdoor space alive with colour, movement and texture. The new decorative planters from Honey & Wild will ensure buyers can optimise the unprecedented growth of green living way into 2023.  The collection now features statement pieces that include elaborate metal arbours made to order and trellises that are ideal for an outdoor space which calls out for something a little bit different. Garden mirrors have been on an upward trend as this piece of home décor lends itself so well to an outdoor environment. Mirrors can help give the illusion of extra space and reflect sunlight into dark spaces, making gardens seem endless. Honey & Wild takes this popular style to another level with its new mirrored pot holders which garden centres can merchandise to reflect the beauty of plants and flowers in even the smallest of spaces.

Terrariums are enjoying a huge resurgence at the moment and are popular with consumers due to their need for minimal care, making them perfect for both people with no outdoor space, and those with little gardening experience. Woodlodge is proud to add both terrariums and mini-greenhouses to capitalise on their huge comeback, perfect for gifting periods or a year-round focus on houseplants.

Adding personality and atmosphere

Retailers can expect incremental spending as taking the ‘inside out’ continues with Honey & Wild offering affordable, cool, quirky art and ornaments which inject a flash of character into people’s gardens.

Glazed characters which include bees, ladybirds, frogs, snails and the much-loved return of the garden gnome are fun, decorative personalities and also the ultimate driver of impulse sales in-store.  Cast Iron ornaments, coat hooks and boot holders boast rustic charm and hold high appeal as giftware.

With gardeners wanting their outdoor space to reflect them as a person, Honey & Wild’s latest garden signs can turn a small space into something beautiful and fun. New wind chimes are set to be popular decorations on decks and porches and gardens, adding a positive effect to the energy and mood of outdoor space.  Impulse purchases such as the latest tinkling mushrooms, flowers and bees will add a hint of melody to garden settings, shrubberies, rock gardens and water features.

Enhancing wall art

With people now bringing their interior taste outside, Honey & Wild are proud to bolster its offering for 2023 on wall art.  Garden centres can use the outdoor wall space as an extended decorating opportunity, using our wall art either alone or in a group arrangement.  The fresh Flower Wall Tiles will create a magical backdrop with their delicate yet impacting floral design, whilst the new Mirrored Wall Art will add a touch of elegance and romance to any outdoor space.  New garden mirrors (half-priced as standard) will also be available as the trend shows no signs of slowing.

The Wall Art collection has now been extended to include new metal designs including trees, leaves and floral designs.  Highly versatile, the pieces will bring a sophisticated touch to the garden with their ornate patterns and brushed detail and can be used indoors also to make your walls beautiful.

Increased interest in wildlife

Encouraging biodiversity is good for the ecological balance in the garden and engaging with wildlife can lower stress and lead to better overall mental health.   Retailers can highlight the importance of nature and how to turn gardens into safe habitats with extensions to the Honey & Wild bird care range.  2023 will see the introduction of new metal bird baths to provide a cool and refreshing respite on a warm day and coloured terracotta and glazed bird feeders designed to encourage small birds to feed and are easy to hang in various locations across the garden.

With awareness of how important bees and other pollinating insects are to our environment and survival increasing, Woodlodge is adding Bug Bricks to its wildlife range. The stand-alone bricks and planters have different-sized cavities for solitary bees to nest in and can also be used as a decorative element for the garden.


The Honey & Wild range will drive footfall with its bespoke store display concepts which include display stands, A-frames, tiered benches, floor standing displays and hanging trees.  Along with eye-catching branded point-of-sale graphics, Honey & Wild is the complete garden décor offering to create repeat customers.

Michael Wooldridge, Director of Woodlodge said: “As more people seek to make the most out of their outside spaces, the demand for great quality products that look the part, has soared.  Small changes to the garden can make a great difference to how the space is utilised and the additions to the Honey & Wild portfolio will inject some colour and character back into gardens. The new lines will provide retailers with appeal across all consumer demographics and act as a powerful sales driver during key gifting periods.”

Woodlodge will be showcasing the Honey & Wild range in Hall 20 at Glee. For more information on Woodlodge’s new ranges for 2023, please contact your local sales representative or visit

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