Woodlodge to launch UK made sustainable product line at Glee 2022

In response to buoyant demand from environmentally conscious consumers for more sustainable products, Woodlodge is set to shake up the garden market with its new Eco-Made line of planters and pot toppers.

The UK’s leading garden pots and décor supplier is now moving beyond talking about sustainability, to implementing true innovative and eco-friendly changes with this latest range at Glee next month.

Prioritising sustainability and recyclability,  the Eco-Made planters are made in the UK from an array of ecologically friendly materials.  The portfolio includes a new outdoor line made from marine and ocean plasticrecycled wood products and reclaimed landfill waste.

It is estimated that we add eight million tons of plastic waste to the ocean every year, which can take thousands of years to degrade and has a detrimental effect on many sea animals and plants. This is made up of waste such as fishing nets, ropes, and debris on the sea bed.  Five million tonnes of waste wood is generated in the UK and every person in the UK throws away around 400kg of waste annually which are staggering figures. Woodlodge is on a mission to help eliminate waste by recycling it – the result being a contemporary and sleek line of recycled planters. 

Available in squares and cylinders, Eco-Made has been designed, manufactured and produced in the UK meaning there is a little carbon footprint, with the pots doing fewer miles and less harm to the planet.  Not only are they stylish and robust, but the Eco-Made planters can also be recycled again once they reach the end of their life, creating a circular economy where the material is made to last several lifecycles.

The ultra-lightweight round and square pots come in a vast array of colours including charcoal, light blue, light green, black, blue, green, beige and pink to suit all garden settings and will appeal to all demographics.

Also new to Woodlodge’s sustainable line-up is a collection of recycled pot toppers to complement its existing planter range. The eco-friendly garden decoration products consist of rubber tyres, crushed seashells and recycled glass from television screens.

With consumers increasingly examining the green credentials of what they buy for their garden, the Eco-Made pot toppers are also produced in the UK from materials once destined for landfill.  With rubber tyres taking approximately 50-80 years to break down, they are now repurposed into an on-trend product for both indoor and outdoor plants. The crushed shells offer a beautiful and unique plant border and terrarium dressing whilst the translucent TV screen glass will shine bright like diamonds whilst naturally suppressing weeds.

Michael Wooldridge, Director of Woodlodge said: “ The huge rise in demand for sustainable goods during pandemic has risen substantially. Cutting our carbon footprint has become a part of our daily lives, personally and professionally, and the topic is widely discussed daily. Consumers care about where their products come from so, we have used this major opportunity to tap into sustainability demand with this new portfolio of planters and pot toppers. Our Eco-Made range is produced in the UK, drastically reduces the carbon footprint in the supply chain and reinforces Woodlodge’s commitment to sustainability.”

Eco-Made joins Eco Self Watering planters, Feather, Wooden Planters and Raised Beds and the Dorset furniture range in Woodlodge’s expanding portfolio made from recycled or sustainable materials.

The family-owned company constantly tackles energy efficiency, waste reduction and how to reduce our environmental impact.  We have recently added solar panels to the roof of our warehouses and offices, The energy on our site comes from two wind turbines to ensure that all power on-site will be from renewable sources. The cardboard and plastic packaging from our picked products is separated and made into bails on site for recycling. We collect used second-hand pallets and re-use them for the transport, distribution and storage of our goods, as well as using suppliers who share our ethos of reducing their carbon footprint.

Woodlodge will be exhibiting these exciting new releases at Glee in Hall 20. For more information on Woodlodge’s new ranges for 2023, please contact your local sales representative or visit www.woodlodge.co.uk

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