Support your plants with our Down to Earth collection for a flourishing garden

Create height and focus in your garden with Down to Earth – our stylish range of quality plant supports and gardening accessories. Ranging from obelisks to decorative trellis and plant supports, take a look below at how down to earth can help you achieve the latest in garden trends.

Add big personality to small spaces 

One significant trend in urban gardening that we’ve witnessed over recent years is how gardens – particularly at new build properties and in rental areas – are becoming smaller. That’s where garden arches, trellis and obelisks play a vital role, enabling gardeners to create privacy in their gardens and grow tall focal features in a smaller space. The addition of height can result in a dramatic outdoor display, establishing a sense of depth in gardens, especially once climbing plants have been introduced and appeal to those who want to make the most of every inch of garden space.

Feather Arch

Instantly add height and grandeur

Obelisks, trellises and arches create grandeur wherever they are placed and are an easy solution to transform your garden’s look throughout the seasons. 


Guaranteed to make an instant and lasting impact, the Down to Earth range is perfect for small gardens and yards, as well as balconies, terraces or patios and decked areas and can change the character of your home.

Create privacy and shelter to hide those not-so-nice garden features

Ideal for both height and structure, such planting supports and structures can change up a garden’s look when placed and also provide quick privacy and screening of the not-so-nice garden features you don't want to see. Decorative trellises provide floral partitions and can be used to create an illusion of a larger garden, adding height to fences and walls. From adding excitement to a one-dimensional space, to framing a doorway point of interest in your garden, dividing your garden into zones or creating some shelter and shame, the Down to Earth range has everything to suit your outdoor needs.


There are so many great climbers to choose from old-fashioned roses, sumptuous sweet peas, colourful clematis, trailing wisteria, bright berried pyracantha or scented honeysuckle and star shaped jasmine. The Down to Earth range really is a wonderful way to grow plants up to our eyeline so we can enjoy and smell all those gorgeous blooms all year round.

Practical solutions to strenuous garden tasks

Pot trollies in the range help gardeners to easily move heavy container plants for best effect around their patio or into shelter during frosty or windy weather. They also aid with drainage to avoid waterlogging during the colder rainy seasons.

Pot Trolley

Giving your plants the support they need to mature and grow 

Down to Earth is not only practical but looks good too encompassing stylish metal decorative hooks, as well as tree ties and round tree stakes to establish young trees in gardens. 

Plant Support Crook and Cage

Providing your plants with a stake, or another type of support, is often necessary in cases like these to keep their stems from snapping and plants from flopping over, due to tall wiry stems or large flower heads. We now offer both bamboo and metal canes, ideal to support flowers and vegetable plants from the elements.

By investing in Woodlodge’s Down to Earth range, you can grow healthy and floriferous plants that need a bit of support in order to stand up and look their best, as well as transform your garden into a space you can enjoy for years to come.