Water Studio - The therapeutic benefits of garden water features

Water features have become increasingly recognised as a key element of garden design. Woodlodge's Water Studio collection is a stylish line-up of plug-in-and-go water features. Featuring designs to suit all garden settings, all you need to do is add water and plug in to enjoy a relaxing water feature that blends seamlessly into your outdoor space.

There are a lot of benefits to installing a water feature in your garden. 

Calming influence

It has been proven that the sound of flowing water is both relaxing and invigorating, a great benefit to your health and wellbeing. There has been scientific evidence that flowing water releases negative ions, boosting your mood and relieving stress.  Water features can lower your blood pressure and improve physical and mental health as you listen and observe Mother Nature at work.

Athena Water Feature

Improve air quality

Studies also suggest that negative ions can offset the health impacts of air pollution in our city environments. Water can reduce allergens, pollen and germs and make us healthier which is a great benefit of installing one at your home. Trickly water can significantly reduce noise pollution, such as road noise and machinery from outside your home. 

Rockpool Water feature

Low maintenance

The majority of our Water Studio range constantly recycles its water.  Simply plug in to enjoy a relaxing water feature on your balcony, urban patio, indoor area or traditional suburban garden. Each of our products has been carefully designed not only to mimic nature but to complement your greenery with a serene decorative aesthetic.

Three Bowl Water Feature

Kerb appeal

An outdoor water feature will add instant beauty to your surroundings. They bring life and peace to a garden whilst also improving property value and boosting the kerb appeal of your home. Adding a water feature like a pond can also help make your outdoor space look bigger through its reflection.

Ancient Water Feature

Attracts wildlife 

When there’s a source of water available in your garden, you can expect birds, frogs and insects to visit. Water features will provide hydration and sustenance to the wildlife in your garden, in the summer months birds will come and swim also drink, whilst insects can enjoy the shallow water.  Water features encourage biodiversity and a healthy ecosystem, as well as offer a tranquil setting in which to relax and enjoy.

Bird Water Feature Grey -  Woodlodge

Our full Water Studio collection can be viewed here.