The future is bright: Introducing Modern British Florals by Woodlodge

A new brand has joined the Woodlodge family which will appeal to consumers with a real passion for colour and design.  Modern British Florals is a new collection that will bring some excitement and joy into the lives of both consumers and retailers with its bold colours and design influence from British Garden Flowers.

The 'return of colour' is the defining interiors trend over the past couple of years, and it is now transferring to the outside.  Gardens and plants have been experiencing a resurgence in popularity with younger consumers, driven by a trend on social media uploading images of their colourful outdoor spaces to platforms such as Instagram.

One of the easiest ways to add vibrancy to your garden space is to experiment with smaller touches and this is where Modern British Florals can maximise sales for retailers and consumers that have small urban spaces.  Colour has the power to transform and revive and the vibrant shades and botanical designs of Modern British Florals will add a major impact.

Britain is often considered the home of gardening and this is reflected in the floral patterns of the nation’s favourite blooms, finished with a gorgeously glossy glaze.  Retailers can expect Modern British Florals to lead the way in stand-out quality and excellence for 2023. Designs include daisy and bluebell motifs in rich blue, orange, red and green colourways which combine classic garden elegance with contemporary vibrance.  Pastels are also high in demand with Modern British Florals offering a lilac, pink and neutral white palette, a soothing backdrop for gardens that creates a calm and nurturing environment.

The bold bursts of this new collection cater for demand from retailers who are looking to grow sales of pots by offering modern stand-out designs that appeal to the younger generation. Modern British Florals will also inspire consumers to display shrubs and seasonal plants with strong colours that complement flowers and foliage.

For those that are colour shy, Modern British Florals also comes in more muted shades with an attractive daisy motif.  All collections are available in four different sizes to suit almost any type of plant, ideal for what style-conscious consumers are looking for and allowing them to create a colourful, contemporary atmosphere in their gardens for minimal effort.

Michael Wooldridge, Director of Woodlodge said “Modern British Florals is a contemporary collection of dynamic planters, designed to appeal to consumers who are keen to make bold statements in gardens that reflect modern interior décor. The collection encourages gardeners to be adventurous and playful with colour and texture by introducing bright planters to the garden. Woodlodge has a proven track record in helping retailers to increase container sales and these fresh designs will help capture the mood of the new season.”

Woodlodge will be showcasing the Modern British Florals range in Hall 20 at Glee. For more information on Woodlodge’s new ranges for 2023, don't hesitate to get in touch with your local sales representative or visit

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