Woodlodge extends the top-selling Root Indoor collection at Glee

Bringing the outside in has become fashionable again, with houseplants adorning home offices, living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms as residents with a lack of outside space start to create their gardens indoors. Houseplants bring many benefits to our lives; the health and well-being benefits are well known and others still being discovered.  With the trend thriving and looking to be going nowhere anytime soon, Woodlodge is proud to unveil new lines to Root Indoor, its interior collection that will see the tills ringing into 2023 and beyond.

Glee 2022 saw 20 new lines added to Woodlodge’s successful range for the ever-popular houseplant trend. The new designs in Root Indoor will truly complement succulents, small plants, and taller specimens, all on-trend with the latest interior designs and ideas for a decor update. From table centre showstopping glazed pots to boho-chic mantle planters, Root Indoor’s latest additions are made from the highest quality materials in an array of elegant shapes by our expert team.

Cultural inspiration

The latest designs from Root Indoor are derived from a desire to explore and travel the world.  The Arch pot cover features a simple yet beautiful classic design element seen in many historic buildings, whilst the Circle features embellished with decorative spheres in a traditional artistic pattern. Sandstone evokes images of deserts and beaches and Inca showcases square designs with abstract forms in black, stone and terracotta.  Aztec and Totem offer rustic chic in a stone effect white and black glaze, highlighting a contrast between the neutral colours and the green hues of house plants.

Earthy palette

Bringing the colour of nature indoors often has a restorative effect on our wellbeing, with Root Indoor bringing some new designs providing a relaxing and nurturing contrast to our busy lives.  Prairie has earthen appeal with its dark terracotta shade whilst Cornice is a rich brown beautifully glazed indoor planter that will suit any setting and plant. Heath’s concrete effect complements both minimalist and industrial décor, with its green dip glaze symbolising Mother Earth and tranquillity.

Botanical motifs

Encompassing contemporary floral designs, Root Indoor takes pride in its ability to offer a style that matches any home interior – providing retailers with on-trend designs that have been tailored to cater for a broad customer demographic. The ceramic Petal pot features a glazed bronze finish that fades from burnt orange to white and is etched with floral detailing and is the perfect addition to the natural designs in Root’s portfolio finish tap into the consumer mindset for interior designs that blend into the natural environment.

Michael Wooldridge, Director of Woodlodge said; “The houseplant upswing shows no sign of slowing and Woodlodge wants to be at the forefront to fulfil the indoor gardening obsession.  The new additions to Root Indoor will showcase the beauty of plants in the home with the latest designs making a statement to any interior. Retailers can expect to ignite their sales and provide customers with products that will keep them coming back time after time.”

Woodlodge will be showcasing its Root Indoor range in Hall 20 at Glee. For more information on Woodlodge’s new ranges for 2023, please get in touch with your local sales representative or visit www.woodlodge.co.uk

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